After working as a graphic designer for 24 years, I became a work-from-home dad, and began finding my love for creating art again. Many years have past since my days at Herron school of Art, but I decided in 2019 to pick up the pen and paintbrush once more. First, finding my way around with watercolor and through much trial and error with paints and papers, I began to find I was becoming comfortable with art after many years away from it.

Much of the artwork you see on this site was created in 2019, and over 65 pieces were framed and given away at the end of the year to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ at a worship service in December. I lined the auditorium with nearly 70 works of art and let everyone choose to take one or two home that day.

So, beginning in 2020, I took my first commission and have created this site to begin a new year. We will see how it goes this year, but I am hopeful that all will be successful.

All for now, may God bless you, Jeff